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We work closely with our clients to find you the best Insurance Solutions for your Business, Individual, and Travel needs. As an Insurance Broker, we have access to multiple carriers and will provide you with some of the best pricing in the marketplace.

Extended Health And Dental Plans

We offer some of the most affordable Group and Individual Plans for all sizes.  We work with and your leadership team to customize a plan suitable for your executive class to your front line.  We have some of the most generous benefits packages available at a lesser cost than most providers. We save our clients an average of 23% on their premiums and offer pooled structure plans that have low renewal rates regardless of your usage.

Create Your Custom Plan

Have you ever taken a close look at your benefits plan and wondered if there’s a better option?

Well there is! We’ve highlighted the most significant advantages for you, your family, and your employees.

Not only is there a better option, it’s also much more affordable… Take a look for yourself!


    $25,000 to $350,000
    Non Evidence Limit *


    80%-100% Prescription Drugs *
    $500-$750 Paramedical *
    $200-$400 Eyeglasses/Laser *
    Out of Country Travel *
    Additional Benefits *


    $10,000 to $250,000
    24 Illnesses in total *

  • DISABILITY – Optional Benefit

    Short Term *
    Long Term *
    Accident & Sickness *

  • DENTAL – Optional Benefit

    80%-100% Basic *
    50% Major *
    $1500 Combined Maximum
    $2000 Orthodontics (Braces) *

    Assessment, Counselling *
    Work Life Services

Here Is What You Get


    We save our clients an average of 10% to 25% on their employee benefits.


    Our average pooled renewals ranges between 4%-8% whereas the average is 10% so it’s likely you won’t ever have to shop for a better deal.


    Attract, retain, and maintain the best workforce by offering your employees more than your competition.


    From administration for claims, we deal with the insurance company so you can focus on your business.


    Whether you’re a single person or a larger firm, our plans offer more than most providers with less medical questions.


    Benefit from a local advisor. Ocean Sun Financial is a Whistler-based company ready to serve you.

Our Promise

“We will always be your least expensive option for employee benefits, guaranteed.”

Our Partners

We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver you the best insurance.

Our Mission

Our Mission Who We Are

Ocean Sun Financial is your local insurance brokerage that works for you, not the insurance company. Our job is finding you the best solution for your companies extended health and dental needs, at the lowest cost.

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Our Mission What We Do

We work closely with you or your Human Resources team to design and deliver the most suitable plan for you employees. We have exclusive partnerships that allow access to wholesale rates, thus providing most generous benefits and saving you money.

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Our Mission What We Believe

That every employee is given access to the most comprehensive benefits available in the marketplace, at the lowest cost. We believe in taking care of those living in and working in our local communities of the Sea to Sky corridor and beyond.

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Other Products And Services

  • Employee Benefit Plans

    We provide extended health and Dental plans for groups of any size including 1 person firms and have access to some of the best rates in BC.  If ou are a group pf 3 or more, we can offer unparalleled coverage at a lesser cost than most other providers.  If you do work for a company and do not have benefits, please Contact Us so that we may approach your employer.

  • Key Man Insurance

    Is the success of your business based on one or several Key Individuals.  Protect you company by insuring your most important assets from Injury and Sickness and an untimely death.  Learn how to structure your corporate resolution in the case that a partner becomes ill.

  • Shared Ownership Critical Illness

    Employees can share premiums with Employers and in the event of a Critical Illness, the Corporation receives a lump sum tax-free benefit.  If benefits go unused, the Employee is entitled to all the premiums paid into the policy effectively taking money out of the Corporation Tax Free.

  • Buy-Sell Insurance

    Do you have a business partner(s) and need to decide the future of your business if a Partner is no longer able to work due to disability, Illness or in the case of death.  Make sure you don’t become partner with your partners estate by ensuring you have enough funds to buy-out your partner with and Insurance method.

  • Employee Savings Plans

    Help your Employees save in a tax efficient manner and retain employees by contributing to an RSP. Any size Group is eligible.

  • Association Plans

    We have developed a discounted Health and Dental Benefits Plan for larger groups so that members can enjoy discounted benefits by joining your association.

Need More Protection

Individual life, disability or critical illness protection. What about your adventure sport travel?